Deceuninck profile for plastic windows.

 Belgian Deceuninck firm for more than 40 years, is busy producing PVC profile systems for plastic windows. The company has 32 production and sales branches . Apart from the main production facility , which is located in Belgium , the company has production located in Asia, Europe and North America. The company products are popular in more than 60 countries around the world . Profile window system Zendow manufactured in Turkey by the Belgian recipe and technology on high-quality Austrian equipment Deceuninck is one of the world's leading PVC industry and continues to engage in innovative development of new systems of PVC profiles.

 The company Deceuninck has developed its own feedstock composition, which compares favorably with the formulation of other companies.

uPVC Deceuninck Zendow, Deceuninck Traditional.


Manufacturers 5-chamber profile system Zendow designed it to meet modern requirements in the manufacture of plastic windows, balconies and at the same time looking far into the future.  Height 70mm PVC profile best fits the specifications for the manufacture of windows of different configurations.

  Usually is the easiest approach to solving emerging problems is the best solution for designers. Progressive design profiles Deceuninck claims to originality , largely complementing the existing trends in the modern architecture.

  Currently plastic windows Zendow is an example of modern design and at the same time keeps flowing , smooth natural line. Recent research in the design shown , the radius of 8 ± 5 °, the most pleasing appearance for windows.